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The Center for Literate Values is a Texas non-profit corporation which is now federally tax-exempt under Section 501(c)3 of the IRS code (as a charity serving educational and religious objectives).  The Center does not sell subscriptions.  Instead, we rely solely upon the donations of our supporters, all of which are now fully tax exempt.

  Consider that each printed issue of Praesidium costs over $5.00 to produce and mail.  The journalĂ­s online version at also requires costly maintenance, most of which is volunteer but all of which is very time-consuming.  The people who bring you Praesidium online are keenly aware of how much--or how little--their efforts are rewarded by public contributions to the journal's cause.  Even a minimal donation would therefore help us to recruit the good will and hard work which our undertaking requires.  Occasionally a supporter will undertake to double our contributions

    The fastest, easiest, and probably safest way to donate is to follow the link to PayPal by clicking on the button below:

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     If you prefer to send a check or money order, please make it out  to The Center for Literate Values or to John Harris (NOT to Praesidium).  Address the envelope, likewise, either to The Center for Literate Values or to John Harris and post to:

2707 Patriot Drive

Tyler TX, 75701

Financial Statement

as of June, 2007

We have no secrets in our ledgers; and if posting our donations and expenses is the best way to keep all board members apprised of The Center's fiscal condition, it is also surely the bluntest way to communicate that condition to the general public.  Anyone can see from the figures below that we are currently a shoestring operation composed of dedicated volunteers.  Without the Internet, we would enjoy practically no exposure to the world whatever, for the cost of printing our quarterly journal Praesidium even in runs of 100 would quickly devour our budget.  We need major help if we are ever to carry our work beyond a "Web presence" and into the more leisurely and lasting print conventions of bookstore and library.  The IRS granted us 501(c)3 status as a public charity on September 1, 2006, so your gifts are tax-deductible!  However, we will require time to readjust this tiny operation so that we are consistently and effectively drawing donations from foundations; and in the meantime, we continue to live on nickels and dimes We are therefore deeply appreciative of individual donations at this stage, on which we entirely depend.




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Currently in the bank:  $1051.49

Pardon the font's color above: The Center is always in the black.  Unlike the United States government, we pay as we go, and if we cannot afford a certain project, we simply don't undertake it.  People immediately associated with various necessary purchases and fees continually absorb their cost when an expensive transaction must be made and the money for it isn't in the bank.  At the year's end, such generous sacrifices are recorded as donations along with those listed above.  We are in fact only about $400 over our minimum balance.  So remember, once again, that your contributions make it possible for us to continue our work in lean times.

Fred Astaire once owned this medieval manse in Lismore, Ireland.  Our part of the bequest was to snap its picture.  Never mind!  The poorest man in the world can enjoy something beautiful if he has eyes.  The rich man, who looks in the same direction and sees his monthly bills, will often fall blind.

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